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TESTO - Method Man - Intro


TESTO - Method Man - Intro

Make marijuana legal, make marijuana legal

Make marijuana legal, make marijuana legal (well speak your mind then)

Ok, I will, no one has the right to tell me what I can do with my own body

What I can eat, drink or smoke, this is a free country

And no one can take away my constitutional rights

Hey man, can you put me on and I can say anything I want

Is that what I need to do? (Yea)

Then why isin't alcohol made illegal? Why isin't that

While you drinking it, it hang on and disposes your liver

Besides that, it's a habitat for alcohol

Besides that, cigarettes are much worse than pot

No one ever got killed by pot (you tell 'em, you tell 'em)

God damn it, man, everything, you can get us anything you want

(Anything you want, marijuana legal

Make marijuana legal, what's so bad anyway

What's so bad about feeling good?

There's nothing wrong with blowing crack, yea!)

Stop, look & listen, guess who coming up?

And y'all was dumb enough to think that Method's number's up

Pockets so fat, they need a tummy tuck, you hungry fucks

Can sum it up, I give my money up, spit at a honey

Then split a honey Dutch, roll it up, can't roll with us

If you can't hold your liquor, throw it up, y'all know what up

See we them niggas, ain't no ho in us, the flow is nuts

I'm off the meter, momma wished that I was off the reefer

But, for now, I got this game up in the cobra clutch

Plus, the silverback gorilla swigger, shot of Tequila to the gut

Nigga, trust, I got that Killa up

What y'all ain't feelin' us? Ain't feelin' ya

When half ya niggas posing similar, yea

Ladies and gents, I think this game need a enema, yea

It's "common sense", I Used 2 Love H.E.R., now they pimpin' her, yeah

But if you Enter the Wu-Tang, you tripping

Like somebody tied together your shoestring, now listen

I'm the, real deal, come on, come back to get ya like bad karma

Y'all niggas is throwing rocks with glass armor

Fuck the court system, pleading the fifth

And if Def Jam is deaf, start reading my lips

I'm cocky, possibly I got my reasons and shit

They ain't built a man that can stop me from feeding my kids

And if you don't know where I'm coming from, never know where I be in

Most likely, where ya start at'll be the place where you eating

And anybody hating on him, hating on them

That's right, anybody hating on him, hating on them, motherfuckers

How could you ever say that I'm washed up

When I'm the dirtiest thing in sight

4:21... The Day After


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