I’m Doin’ It

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TESTO - E-40 - I’m Doin’ It

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TESTO - E-40 - I’m Doin’ It


Stay con dese figaz, pockets gettin bigger
Ridin through da hood off dis broccoli an a nickle
Errbody know me cause I used to be here dealin
Now they keep on sayin I’m a ballin ass nigga
I’m doin it, doin it, doin it, doin it, doin it, doin it, doin it[x2]

[Verse 1:]

Ugh, it’s grim an chillin on ma coast (on ma coast)
Get up close, an cook you like a roast (like a roast)
So don’t be out here tryna do da most, an boast an brag
Or you gon’ leave up outta here in a body bag (ugh)
A pack a cig sawyer (sawyer), play me foul an I destroy ya (destroy ya)
I’m a boss like an employer (employer), stay on d case like a lawyer (like a lawyer)
I let d game unfold (unfold), I’m always in macabre mode
Stick to d V code, Vallejo California can be some bitch to come up outta clothed
I know these streets by heart, some a dese smarks can’t tell a tuna from a shark
A bite from a bark, shooker from shit, a rock from a fuckin brick


[Verse :2]

I got game to fill a lot, pay attention watch an learn
As I speed it up pick up d pace just like they’ll earn
Harp like an extremist, darin like Knievel
Do d unthinkable in front a hella people
This what dey do in ma region, dese niggas be hard headed they don’t be thinkin ugh
Ri-ri-right now I’m on without a doubt, in d function talkin laughin, actin out
Slurrin an stutter steppin, talkin dumb to a vixen
Ah! she drunk too, two drunk people you know what that leads to
Alot a fuckin an screwin (what else), ugh now she suckin an droolin
High as a kite (high as a kite), it’s goin down tonight (bitch)


[Verse 3:]

Truth be told I’m naturally throwed, in a helmet no doubt I’ll be turned up an extra’d out
Don’t try to take from ma plate (plate), that wouldn’t be great
Stitch yo pineapple upside down ova ma cake (ova ma cake)
I ain’t got no skeletons jus pistols in ma closet,pillowcase money can’t stuff it in ma wallet
I’m a hustler man (hustler man), how bout you (how bout you),I can clone chickens turn 1 into 2 (1 into 2)
Weight mova jus bought a cougar, d way dat it look bought it below d blue buck
Original owner, 289, worth more than any D-boy on yo block can buy
Ya see I’m a bay boy (bay boy), I thought that you thought, took ma way in d White House an get kicked out
I like to go out ma mind,get nice an sloppy, drunk like a college party throw up in d lobby


[Verse 4:]

We doin it, we out here havin it mayne
Yea that’s me enjoyin the fruit a our labour
D perks an d amenities of life mayne stand up an stand tall mayne an do it all
Yea we gon’ ball till we fall mayne
An it’s easy to fall but it’s harder to get back up so what we gon’ do
Keep doin it [x14]

C-Ballin why you do a beat like dis mayne
This shit is smackin (this beat is slappin mayne)
Sick wid it (heavy on d grime)
Sick wid it records (heavy on d grime)

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