Chief Keef

I Need Bandz

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di I Need Bandz di Chief Keef . “I Need Bandz” è una canzone di Chief Keef. I Need Bandz Lyrics.

TESTO - Chief Keef - I Need Bandz


TESTO - Chief Keef - I Need Bandz

Ok I need bands

Kick a nigga door and take everything that's worth it

Then split it with my mans

No snitches on my end, don't be no stupid ass

Treat our guns like a car, make them hit yo stupid ass

Then roll up some loud, climb up these trees

And for these bands, bitch get on your knees

And it's bands over bitches cause these bitches out here skeetin'

You can't trust no bitch probably somewhere on her knees


That's why I'm all about my bands

Blow kush with my mans

Got one fuckin' daughter so all I need is bands

On money I'm the man, bitch I need bands

Listen again I need bands, I need bands, I need bands

Smoke her out her pants, she got a stupid ass

And we keep 30 bullets that'll shoot yo stupid ass

Bitch I'm the man, bitch I need bands

Listen again I need bands, I need bands, I need bands

You are a stupid ass, he had a stupid cast

Bitch I'm the man, bitch I need bands

Shorty been smoking dope

Black, look like I'm Japan

We don't do this shit for free, we be all about them ends

300 them my mans, yo bitch all on my mans

We fuck her, run a train but that bitch won't see no bands

I got alot of fans, and to them I'm the man

When they see me in reality they like' "Damn, he is the man and he be with them mans and they be about they bands."

We ain't graduate from school so we take a nigga's ends

I hear alot of bitches saying, "Chief Keef they digging."

But they like my alter ego, they say, "Sosa" every minute

And I fuck them out they panties but them hoes won't get a penny

And I'd rather sip lean Reese money like that remy



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