Mary J. Blige

I Found My Everything

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di I Found My Everything di Mary J. Blige . “I Found My Everything” è una canzone di Mary J. Blige. I Found My Everything Lyrics.

TESTO - Mary J. Blige - I Found My Everything


TESTO - Mary J. Blige - I Found My Everything

[Verse 1]

Can’t you see, look at my face is glowin’

And it’s all because of you

Everything about ya, you see I need

And I thank God for sending you through


(I found my everything)

See I found my everything in you

(I found my everything)

See I found everything and I trust in you

(I found my everything)

[Verse 2]

Ooh the way you kiss me is like a real man

I leave the prom when I look in your eyes baby, yea

And every night is like a highlight baby

And there’s no better keeper than you


You’s the one who understands me

Needs to hold me, really feels me

You’re the one alone, you’re the one that I need

I know you’ll find me, step inside me

Won’t deny, you define me

Now my world feels so free


[Verse 2]

Now I know just what I wanted

What I needed, where I’m goin’

I can see most clearly now

That I found you, you, you, you

I love it when you call me tender

Hold me tight, through the night

Seems like we met in heaven before this earth


[Verse 3]

This time is the greatest

That I’ve ever felt before

You’ve given me a reason to smile baby

Cause I never had a reason to smile before



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