Hova Song (Intro)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Hova Song (Intro) di JAY-Z . “Hova Song (Intro)” è una canzone di JAY-Z. Hova Song (Intro) Lyrics.

TESTO - JAY-Z - Hova Song (Intro)


TESTO - JAY-Z - Hova Song (Intro)

Yeah, I know you just ripped the packaging off your CD

If you like me you reading the credits right now

If you in your car, I don't care if it's winter

I want you to put all your windows down

Zone out, buckle up, let's go

Hello it's Hova; that's right young'un the wait is over

The new millennium is upon us, the album is here

Before we get into the shit, let's get a few things clear

Rappers with no relation:

There's "Seven Degrees of Separation" and I'm Kevin Bacon

This is the murderer's version

Jigga the shit, even when he rhyme in third person

Hova the God, I should be rapping with a turban

Haters can't disturb him, waiters can't serve him

Mike Jordan of rap, outside Jay working

Now watch how quickly I drop 50

I don't like playing, niggas can't stick me

Niggas can not jam me, niggas can't get me

Slimmy at the Rucker wanna leave and spend with me

I consistently take em out the park like Ken Griffey

Do you believe? It's Hova the God

Makes you think about the people in your life

Then I think about BIG; what'd he say if he was here

He'd say, "Jay, what's it about? What's life about?

If you don't go through as a man's a man"

He'd say, "Suck it up, take the fall, do the time

That's what makes you who you are, makes you what you are"

How many years you been around this thing of ours?

Commission, 125 years

What's it about?

It's about rules, parameters

You take the beating for the friend you don't lay down

You don't betray who you are, what you are

You gotta remember guys like Taj, Chill, Ran, Emory

They don't roar, they don't rap

You know why? That's the rules, you don't break them

You was born to be something I wasn't even supposed to be.. humble

Okay so you humble me now, what you got?

You got a war, you got global war

You got a worldwide crime syndicate now

There's no rules, there's no parameters, there's no feelings

There's no feelings for this game

So.. five ten years from now

You're gonna wish there was American Commission

Five ten years from now...

They're gonna miss Jay-Z



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