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Tory Lanez

Hot Toddy

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TESTO - Tory Lanez - Hot Toddy

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They call me T Lanez, copy
T Lanez copy
January 1st you better get your copy
Mr. Peterson
DJ Ill Will


Hot toddy, ya mama in the lobby
Girl I`ma kill that body `til they`re calling it a hobby
They treat me like a god but ain`t calling me Muhammad
See you might be an artist that don`t mean that we platonic
Oh, my chain rocky got me feeling like the Onyx
I chauffeur to the telly to show her some new Ebonics
So we at the telly she tell me she really on it
I told her `bout her jelly and to let me behind it
I told her “give me brain,” she started thinking beyond it
She told me let`s be honest oh really then let`s be honest
And then her friend walked in, damn that`s ironic
The bottoms of exotic its gotta make it erotic
Mama shake it for papi, I`m probably making your body
Make it crazy erotic to saddle up their variety
Passenger promised [?]
soon as I get up inside of that drive it like a Bugatti and game it like an Atari it`s toddy


Lanez baby
Uh, Fresco now we gettin` the best though
Time is Money and ain`t shit funny nigga
Better go cop that Mr. Peterson come January 1st, 2011
We gon` shut it down, uh
DJ Rockstar
Shout out to my nigga Jay
Shawn what`s good my nigga
Kirk what`s poppin`
Yuni, Dave, Rimes what`s up
We gon` do it real live baby
Mark my words
I`ma take over the world
You are now in tune
With your wifey favorite DJ
DJ Ill Will
DJ Rockstar

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