Lil Wayne

Hot Revolver (Extended Edition)

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver (Extended Edition)

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver (Extended Edition)

Young Mullah Baby
Young Mullah Baby

She sayin
"Do you have the time
To listen to me whine?"
She askin
"Whos on the other line?"
You diss me everytime
I tell em, "baby im a star
Shit, I'm above a star"
And now
I done got so high
I did forgotten
Who you are (are,are)
Oh oh oeh oh oh eh eh
Ah ah
Oh oh oeh oh oh eh eh
Im in love with you
But I can't be with you
Tomorrow Ill be back up on the first flight
Right up out of town

Young mullah baby

I think I'm a Spaceship
Girl I gotta drop your ass off
(oh oh eh eh)
Last night
Ya we were spaced girl
You love it
Girl I gotta take off
(oh oh eh eh)
Cause I'mma be here next week
So call your company
& take off
Oh oh oeh oh oh eh
Cause she say "Wayne Wayne"
So she got me all impatient
Cry me a river
I can hear my conscious
While I say aloud

Hook: Dre
Boy you got a problem
(a problem)
And you ain't foolin no one, but yourself
(but yourself)
You're like a hot revolver
(a hot revolver)
But you ain't killin no one, but yourself
And so shes gone to party town
On her own
And you go by yourself
So all alone

I told her I can be with her
But I can't be with her
As much as she like me to
She like me too much
Thats the problem
"Oh my god" then
Shorty be whillin
And when I say I got to leave
You wouldn't believe
All of the things
That she'll do
And all of the things
She'll say to make me stay
And I be like "damn"
I've been that boy for forever
I'll be back someday
But she wanna go with me to outer space
So we made love in the Milky Way
& then I send her on her way

Hook: Dre

And now she's not pickin' up the phone
I don't know what to do
Thinking about going to her home
Landing my spaceship on her roof
Going through her bedroom window
Only to find a mans shoe on the floor
Ohhh noo, ohhh noo, ohhh noo
And I'm like
"Who am I to blame?"
When she was pleading "Wayne
If you ever leave again
I don't wanna see you anymore."
Hop back in my space ship
Hope that I don't spot you at all
Eh eh oh
Because baby if I see you
I'mma probably knock your ass out
Eh eh oh
Put you in the trunk
Throw him over the bridge, and take off

Hook: Dre

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