Meek Mill

Hot Boys Freestyle #3

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Hot Boys Freestyle #3 di Meek Mill . “Hot Boys Freestyle #3” è una canzone di Meek Mill. Hot Boys Freestyle #3 Lyrics.

TESTO - Meek Mill - Hot Boys Freestyle #3


TESTO - Meek Mill - Hot Boys Freestyle #3


We running this rap shit

Meek Milly, I’m running this rap shit

215 we running this rap shit

Philly, ah

[Verse 1]

I said I’m sitting here chilling in my old school whip

Me and old Melly and my old school clique

With a 45th of Volv, but some old school shit

Light skinned 32, that’s my old school chick

Why you hating, the money that I’m making?

I’m fly like [?]
before he dropped a statement

I ain’t fronting, I ain’t faking

We ball like the Lakers

I’m up early in the morning, going hard for the paper

Going hard for the money, like what I wouldn’t do

The shit all on these rappers like a fucking number 2

I say I be coming through, Rolex be summer blue

Fresher than Will B, my homies be stunting too

And I brought the mac with me, and I ain’t talking Charlie

Harley, them shells smoke you, Bob Marley

Gnarly, I’m cooler than that white boy, surfing

If you throw your chick at me Imma catch em


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