The Game

Heavy Artillery

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TESTO - The Game - Heavy Artillery

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TESTO - The Game - Heavy Artillery

You know we got 'em

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

We got those grenades on your ass, nigga

Ha ha, Boss... Black Wall Street

I'm in that bulletproof Maybach nigga

Teflon Don, SK's

Nigga talking like a G, but walking like a broad

I pull up at the light, pineapple in your car

Nigga I shatter lives, my music camouflage

My court killers at the center of my synagogue

Torture and extortion 'til I'm Fortune 500

From the porches to the Porsches with the wides on it

'fore you snitches bitch, you better put your lives on it

Get your twisted body found with them wires on it

I get my money, smoke extensive like it's Friday

I'm sitting sideways like I'm in my driveway

My shit pancakes, my shit 3 wheels

You niggas six feet, we getting 3 meals

They got jumped

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

They got jumped

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

Yeah I got 2 gun charges, 2 felonies, just got off probation

Today motherfucker, won't budge for no judge

Real nigga, I hold no grudge with no thugs

Come through spraying, bullets out the Mc

They ain't meant for you, move bitch, you hard of hearing?

I speed off doing 90 with Tha Carter blaring

Bust shots in the Cavalier like I ball with Baron

Yeah I Blake Griff niggas, make stiff niggas

Eminem wasn't Dr. Dre's only sick nigga

Insane in the membrane like Soul Assassins

12 gauge stop a nigga heart like a bowl of Aspirin

I hold automatics, let your man hold the casket

Murder game cold as Aspen, body found in the trash bin

First 48, they don't find me, case closed

Like a rehabilitation spot in Bobby Brown nose

Take 'em back to Boyz in da Hood when I pull the pump out

Something like C-Murder on Worldstar when I dump out, what!

They got jumped

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

They got jumped

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

Uh, ain't nothing changed but them bullets in my clip

I still'll pull it, still'll bully niggas on the strip (still)

Beef, I cook it fully with the fifth

And I ain't got no pets, I put a bullet in your bitch (ill)

Nigga with a gun in his hand, and won't bust it

Is like a, bitch with a dick in her hand, and won't suck it

This is the art of war, you niggas just drawing

Anything I target on is dearly departed, gone (gone)

Drive by or walk up on -- (walk up on)

I just stop, breathe, aim, cock, squeeze (squeeze)

Silencer on the Glock, infrared beam

Put your block up on machines while the pussies run and scream

They got jumped

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

They got jumped

45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

Yeah nigga, the real one in the building

Broad Street Bully, certified G for real

Lil' rap niggas fucks me up

Y'all niggas ain't tough claiming y'all gangsta, nigga

Game recognize game for real, what up Blood?

These niggas fucks me up niggas

My gangsta ain't never on trial

Niggas talk that shit, nigga what's your PP number nigga?

You niggas rat in the back of the cop car before you get to the station

You pussies ain't gangsta

You niggas wouldn't kill nothing, let nothing die

Shoutout to all the real niggas

Boss, what up Boss? Ricky Ross in the building

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