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TESTO - Yo Gotti - Harder


TESTO - Yo Gotti - Harder

Ok the beat go hard but I go harder

I can die a drug dealer, but im smarter

Pair of forgiato rims I could of bought a charger

But dem bitches make the lambo look a little more harder

King of my city north memphis we’re like Harlem

Blood gang crips too we gon' eat regardless

See me on the news ,yeah I beat dem charges

All them young dudes were runnin,duckin, had em dodging

Blood shed, my niggas in the fed

My nigga Gucci die I can't let nuthing slide

Ridgecrest where I resign Ridgecrest what I provide

Young nigga with them choppas ‘cause I know they gonna ride

Fuck if I die today I went to church I pay my tax

I leave my son a couple million dollars so I did alright

Harder, ain’t no nigga in this streets that built like me sold bricks like me

Mexico, took trips like me

Texaco ain't nothing but gas

Thou shoot, thou shall not pass

I break bread so no fuck me nigga i’m a real nigga and I was built to last

Hard hard i’m hard hard hard i’m hard

Hard hard i’m hard

In the kitchen I whip it harder

Top drop riding harder

Hard hard i’m hard hard hard i’m hard

In the kitchen I Whip it harder

Real nigga I live harder

Hard hard i’m hard

The streets go hard but I go harder

I know what Diddy meant mo money mo fucking problems

I know young money like im dwayne carter

Remember my life a real nigga if I die tomorrow

I’m harder met a bitch in the mazda

Put the bitch in the range rover

Cause she suck dick till tomorrow

Every 24 hours, 24 brick of powder

24s on my Panamere,50k on the chandelier

House look like a castle, bitch white like alaska

Got instrumentals, sold all white, on my mercedes shit nasa

Pulled off in that 'rari took off like im nasa

Nigga playing dem games with me she’ll fuck you if you answer

She smarter better get she harder better yet you pussy

Then why them bitches charge ya'

Strip moneys strip moneys got on my wall

I’m going so hard I know I got more than dough

Got the beamer the bentley triple-black Mercedes-benz

Got me 5 mill in cash time to get it again

From reebok to Ciroc came a long way from the blocks

Baby girl all wet cause shit i've driven it rocks

Licking shots that you pussies my stock fresh shot through the roof

As I shoot for the stars im shooting buying a coup

I know I won't live forever but stocking up like I will

I know you niggas ain’t real but I fuck you like u is

48 laws 36 hoes 57 nets all black tip-toeing

26 inch rims chrome mac 11 doing right so hard but I pray I get to heaven


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