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TESTO - Drake - Greatness

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TESTO - Drake - Greatness

Uh, I am a distraction

Comin from my spot and I dont signal as I back in

If cash is beautiful, then money is attraction

Then I should be a motherfuckin’ centerfold of Maxim

Open to my page and admire my desire

Frequent flyer, I aspire to retire

My voice stands alone even if I’m with the choir

Got a cannon on my hip, but nigga, this is not Mariah

Na, this the record killer for hire

I sleep and eat with the weapon, the beat is all I require

Look I created, despite the niggas that hated

Every single bar gettin' first forty-eighted

In the state of euphoria feelin' so sedated

The me and bitch the same, we feel so related

Forest Hill estated, all dinners catered

I put a thousand on it, I could probably fuck the waitress

So, wait, just take this

Oone lie at a time, make sure it makes sense

White cup, orange pop, Tennessee state shit

Drop a four in it and then appreciate The Greatness, nigga

I wrote this verse sittin' in my new car

Sometimes where you headed is too far

It’s more about where you are

And I am, everywhere where that you wish you could be

Somebody, somewhere just really understood me

Yeah, I dream big, no false hope

My other niggas move keys, no off notes

But understand rich is how we're all ending up

I’m at the label in the elevator, send 'em up!

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