Sean Paul

Gimme the light – sessions @ aol version

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Gimme the light – sessions @ aol version di Sean Paul . “Gimme the light – sessions @ aol version” è una canzone di Sean Paul. Gimme the light – sessions @ aol version Lyrics.

TESTO - Sean Paul - Gimme the light – sessions @ aol version


TESTO - Sean Paul - Gimme the light – sessions @ aol version


Jus' Gimme the light

Yea yeah

Jus' Gimme the light

Yo yo

Jus' Gimme the light

Don't say it

Jus' gime the light

Sean paul

Jus' gimme the light

And pass the dro

Bust another bottle of moe

Gal dem in a me sight

And I gots know

Which one is gonna catch my flow

Causle I'm in a the vibes

And I got my dough

Bust another botte of moe

Girl dem lookin' hype

And I gots to know

Could I be your protector

Your buff in every sector

Everyman around dem

Want to turn your inspector

But you no let them sweat ya

No grill you with no lecture

But dem power drill

Or dem feul injector

Dem a infector

Disease collector

Nuff of dem a gon on

Like dem wan come wreck ya

Done out the part

Where you got in your center

But you know

You don't let them guy affect ya





Five of them

Situation gettinh really live again

Girl dem want to Fi hang out with

The players and the riders de

Beside of them and dem say

Dem tired of the liars

Dem friars and connivers

Will never get inside of dem

Dem clyder dem

Especially the money hider dem

Watchie watchie girl bout dem

A try fi make bride of dem

Denied again

Some of them move like a spiderman

Girl dem say nah

Open wide again


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