Chief Keef

Get Your Mind Right

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TESTO - Chief Keef - Get Your Mind Right


TESTO - Chief Keef - Get Your Mind Right

It's not a trick question, yeah I'm smoking dope

Walk through the door, get your camera phones

Come through, mechanic shit, get your hammers on

If you want a peace treat, call my cellular phone

It's not a trick question, I don't fuck with opps

I don't rock with cops, I send a bunch of shots

Some cops be cool because they give me passes

Doing 110 in my car, they like "this nigga savage"

I got the Glock, Tony, Sosa I'm Sammy

I'ma dog and a lion bitch, I ain't Bambi

Catch the bag like Randy, long as this money in it

She told me that her pussy tight, I fit my Johnny it

Fuck that bitch then I'm dipping, yeah I'm really pimping

I'ma Kobe Bryant, you's a Scottie Pippen

I got my semi in it, the club in Philly with it

Then I leave Philly with a bunch of silly bitches

Tricks are for kids, you need a Doctor Kid

Cause when I'm done stitching your ass, don't let your mama see it

In my 4K TV house, it's a bunch of shit

Come in here tryna hit a lick, commercial get a bunch of beats

I'm cooling with the stars in the sky

Don't be fucking with my dogs cause they bite

I hop out looking like some raw in the pipe

Like it's Memorials Day, got on all white

I had a dream like Doctor King

What can you bring to the table? I got lots of things

I got Tommies, I got mobster things

Come through like a janitor, we moping things

Forensics come check it out, come in here won't make it out

Like new clothes, I lay it out, boy fuck around, get aired out

You play the shit off, I play it out

You mumble the shit, nigga say it out

Shoot your ass like a lil mud dog

What the fuck you eating, nigga? Spit it out

Pull up in a Hummer, looking for some mamas

Know I ain't gon' fuck her, cause he looks like his mother

His baby mama cumming, cumming on my Johnson

Cause I be doing numbers, cause I be getting money

It's not a trick question, what you a magician?

I treat your block like a classroom, I'm subbing it

Put your face on some rims, bitch I'm dubbing it

Told you my pistol was celibate, don't fuck with it

I'm like a husky, you're like a puppy

I'm sipping muddy all day and night, I'm Kid Cudi

She got a buddy, and she tryna fuck me

Take that baby home with his pacifier then suck me

I got a blue pipe, it glow like blue lights

Make your face camouflage, you got troops, right?

This dope I'm smoking on, it smoke like (?), right?

You get it, that's a dope line in Chicago, all white

Got a bitch named Moussi, she give me coochie

This that Gucci, no this ain't no Coogi

Free Gucci, get hit with the Uzi

Free T-Slick, he come through with the toolie

Push your hairline, barber shop

I got a Jordan shot, you shoot like Chris Bosh

I was smoking, I was leaning, leaning hard

I be leaning like I'm standing on the balcony



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