Get Silly Freestyle

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TESTO - Tyga - Get Silly Freestyle


TESTO - Tyga - Get Silly Freestyle


Hahaha Yeeeah

Umm, I presume you already know what this is

A Young Money, G.E.D, Decaydance Production

Well, I didn't make the beat

But I'm gone make the beat

I'mma lose all my knowledge since preschool and get silly

My advance check got the bank teller depressed

My publishing check made the IRS check

My fucking alias like who the fuck is this

Student who didn't go to college but forever set

Fuck a Standford 9 test, a Standford 9 test?

What the fuck is that when you steady got stacks on deck

I spazz wit the tats, California on my neck

Gold shapes swing of the center of my chest

I don't trip on these chicks, tell em there n-n-n-nothin

To a man getting rich with a motion picture budget

Flying motion with no potion, sober, I dearly does it

I never went to class studying cash was my subject

I love it, how does it feel to pay the bills before your mother

Bread like wonder, make her wonder why they flourish

For little human thunder, I explain thoroughly to her

Easily they download and discover like researchers

Research the hard workers, I work hard for the skill murder

Still hunger, you didn't hear it when I deliver

Like fast food burgers, in and out burger

In and out yo sis brother

My black brothers stop hatin it ain't worth it

Like penny savers, ya'll niggas ain't bout nothin

Like dry humpin, before that shit I was the shit

Call it predumpin, eat dumplins, never done it

I'm too youngin like put putin

I get paid off clubs, tiger woods shit tyga good

Understood before they knew me thirty thou crowds

Like stood, understand couple of years I will

Be the fucking man

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