Fuck Em We Ball

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Fuck Em We Ball di B.o.B contenuta nell'album Fuck Em We Ball. “Fuck Em We Ball” è una canzone di B.o.B. Fuck Em We Ball Lyrics.

TESTO - B.o.B - Fuck Em We Ball


TESTO - B.o.B - Fuck Em We Ball

Man I go so dumb I should get a check for disability
Im a fucking lunatic you a liability
Don't know who you dealing with
Balling like I'm dribbling
Diabolic dialog
Flossing like some gentlemen
Gentleman and a scholar
Let me just pop my collar
I could make them throw they hands up
Throw they hands up like clock work
You should come to my concert
You should come see my tour
Man I go so berserk
Baby and the crowd go so bizarre
You're a bore you're a dork
Oh my lord I'mma snore
How depressing are my doors
How reflective are my floors
How impressive is my record
How seductive is that whore
I know exactly what she's after
No matter what happens she still want more
I am the captain she's on board
I'm finna tap them vocal chords
Take the rest of class she gon take that course
If she act wrong she gon walk that board
Hit her with the broom like a household chore
End of the show there's no encore
Lawyers on call all day 24
You ain't got to ask no "what's that for"
So tell me what the fuck you waiting for
I'm faded off of all these shots I pour
Of course she Juicy like Couture
Got booty galore, galore
Good lord

I tell em take they foot off the brake
There's no time to waste, no time to waste
Right now
And tell em pick up the pace
It's all kinds of pay, all kinds of pay
Right now
Fuck em, fuck em we ball
I said fuck em we ball
Fuck em we ball
Fuck em, fuck em we ball
I said fuck em we ball

Fuck em we ball
We don't owe em nothing we ain't cuffing these hoes
Ha, you getting mad cause she chose
Sonin' niggas up call it custody law
We ain't fucking with y'all
Let me dust my feet off
I'mma need a maid and butler just to buffer these hoes
Look you ain't even fucking with my cutlery cloth
Show me anybody hotter I'mma cut the heat off
Freeze your fleece off
So cold I could sneeze a G off
We don't see y'all
Nigga sleeping it's a dream off
Cut the sea salt if she's scheming poof be gone
I bet I hit a switch like roof be gone
Uh I a major leaguer (leegor)
That's why she's eager (egor)
To get that thing reupholstered you could check the decor
Ha, hop up in the seat what I need a key for
I just looked at the dealer fuck I need a lease for

Fuck em we ball
Hem niggas talkin' tough but they just bluffing it y'all
Had discussion with dog bout niggas than we can tackle
We done laid more niggas down than a thirsty chiropractor
Smoking reefer to capture
The moments that leave us baffled
Even though I'm a sinner
I'm hoping I see the rapture
I believe in the chapters that come up after Matthew
This money is my liberty don't need no fucking statue
I'm a fucking nut like pistachios and cashews
Closet fever gucci louie fendi and what have you
Bad bitches with me want to get her and play taboo
A thousand for the noodles, five hundred for the ragu
I be on a magic carpet floating minus Abu
Y'all be in a kayak in the ocean with no paddles
I can pull a toaster and make ho niggas skedaddle
(?) with more guns on me than (?)


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