Tenacious D

Friendship Test

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Friendship Test di Tenacious D contenuta nell'album Tenacious D. “Friendship Test” è una canzone di Tenacious D. Friendship Test Lyrics.

TESTO - Tenacious D - Friendship Test


TESTO - Tenacious D - Friendship Test

Kyle Gass: *Click sound* Two Kings
JB: Hey Kage
KG: Hey
JB: How's it goin?
KG: Good, good
JB: What're ya doin?
KG: Oh God, I was just, I w-
JB: I love you
KG: ... what'd you say?
JB: Said I love you, man. Just wanted to say it
KG: Hey, thanks. Thank you. That's awesome, fuckin' awesome... I mean, uh, that's cool you can, you can say that...
JB: ... Don't you have something to say?
KG: No... oh I mean, I uh, I like you. I like you too, dude
JB: Whoa whoa, like? OH HO HO MAN! I'm glad I fuckin' did this test on you. The Friendship test
KG: What?
JB: No, man
KG: What are you talkin about?
JB: What happened before, when I said I loved you, that was a test, because man I coulda made a total ass of myself if I hadn't done this test on you. *whistle* hoo hoo!
KG: But you don't?
JB: Boy!
KG: You don't, really love me?
JB: Dude listen. You fuckin passed the test ok? But barely! Ya know what you got?
KG: What I get?
JB: F plus. *Click*

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