Down So Long

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TESTO - Sting - Down So Long


TESTO - Sting - Down So Long

The sun sets across the ocean

I'm a thousand mile from anywhere

And my pocketbook in my heart

Both just got stolen

And the sun act like she don't even care

The wind blows cold when you reach the top

Feels like somebody's face is stuck to the bottom of my shoe

Got a plastic jesus, a cordless telephone for every corner of my room

Got everybody but you telling me what to do

Well i've been down so long

It can't be that much longer still

And i've been down for so long

That the end must be drawing near

I looked to everybody but me

To answer my prayers

Until i found an angel in the bathroom

Who said she didn't see anybody who was saving anywhere

And the blind man said, simple... Like flipping a coin

Don't matter what side it lands on

So long as it's somebody else's dime

Cause if you're the top of the bottom

It all feels the same

We live out of fear if we're too rich or we're too poor

Guess all i can do is muster up some change

And a little bit of faith

And take some dignity when i walk through this door

Gonna take a trip

Catch a train

Got a ticket in my hand

And then a fat man takes my money

And like cattle we all stand

I'm just a faceless body lost in this vast and worthless sea

In a thousand people i do not know

But really they are no different from me

They all have passion

They all have fear

They all have intense confusion

And no sweet moments that are clear

They all have aspirations

High hopes and dreams

And are really that alone like me

We've been down so long

It can't be that much longer still

We've been down so long

That the end must be

The end must be

The end must be drawing near


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