Yasiin Bey

Don’t Like

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TESTO - Yasiin Bey - Don’t Like


TESTO - Yasiin Bey - Don’t Like

First of all shout and respect to ?

Shout and respect to Lupe Fiasco

Shout out to Mr. West

Shout out to Rasheed Lonnie Lynn

King Louie, L.E.P Bogus

Whole Chicago movement

Real Recognize Real

White supremacy is what I don't like

Sucka ass crackas, what I don't like

The Bank of America, what I don't like

When they mention cynicism, I don't like

I don't like, I don't like

The way the ghetto living, I don't like

Got us trapped up in the system, I don't like

Ain't to different from a prison jacket, ain't right

Ain't no freedom in the trap, hustlers everywhere

You can feel it in the air, pure despair

Hungry hands only take when they reaching out

Campaign slogan, geek up, gun Pow

Ugly politicians, new election year

Con'd by their care, they are not sincere

Its the greedy and the rich ones that make war

That the hungry young and poor once payed for

Little homie stretched out in a coffin

They die younger and they dying more often

The rent to high, the wage too low

Top 5 stupid songs up on your radio

I don't like

All this cackling and caring on I don't like

All this suckerness and scared shit I don't like

All these African Americans it ain't right

And that goes for crazy ass crackers

Small claim court clowns and strip club rappers

Out in broad day with they nipples out

With they stretch marks, back hairs and pimples out (yuck)

You suck, go away

You always talking but and ya never got much to say (yuck)

You suck, go away

You always caught in space, fix your thirsty face

The way these jokers look and sound I don't like

The way I see them getting down, I don't like

Make me wonder how they get around it ain't right

In the land where crooks get the Riker laws

But people hide their eyes, and shut their jaws

Who the realest? never mind

Who the winner for the best arranged lies?

What they wearing? who is there?

Ask yourself, why you care?

Somebody going ham on a gossip cite

Catching feelings over rumors that are not your life

And I don't like, sometimes I even hate

But not the people, they ?? Race

I don't like, sometimes I even hate

Lord forgive us, let us pray!

For pussy posers, dummy creed

Polluted seeds, them wacky weaves

Nazi polites, waste of time

Cuz I ain't be recruitment, waste of time

I don't like, and you don't neither

We forgive and pray for these Fake niggas


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