Juicy J

Deep Down South

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Deep Down South di Juicy J contenuta nell'album Taylor Gang 2. “Deep Down South” è una canzone di Juicy J. Deep Down South Lyrics.

TESTO - Juicy J - Deep Down South


TESTO - Juicy J - Deep Down South

Send em niggas to yo house, banana clips and AK's
Always talking about you gangsta nigga, that shit sound great
Hear you pussy nigga say you killas when you on stage
Send em goons out to yo show, nigga you get scared straight
I come from the north, even young niggas don't give a fuck
Come through with the extended, won't be long before they stick you up
All these robbers flogging on they CD's talking about trap shit
Everybody talking that they shooters, but ain't clap shit
I'm here tryna come up
Hustling til the sun up
6AM they got the sack, they out here doing numbers
Snitch ass niggas in court
Hating ass nigga turn in form
Gotta watch what you say on the phone with a nigga, cuz you never know who be record
Bitch, with all these albums I sold
I kept it real with my people and never gave up my soul
Don't think cuz I'm on a roll
That I won't point and unload
I point that finger to yo melon
Then get back to the show

Deep down south in the hood nigga slanging
Hustling and gaming, tryna stack some change in
Land of the lost, full of gangstas and killas
Niggas all about they damn scrilla

Project Pata
Choppa spitta
Like water hosay
Blowing on the cali louda
Sippin' rozay
Smoked out, loced out, riding with the pistol grip
Smoked out, choked out, damn this some good shit
Damn that's a bad bitch
Y'all smoking babbage
Pistol to your head bitch
Gimme all yo cash bitch
Cuz we robbing and jacking
You fuck niggas slacking, these cities be packing
The money we stacking, you fake niggas acting
You facing a crackin
Your face be cracked in, the forty will swing like a bat and blood splatter
My young nigga slanging and banging
So man ya know they into stacking
You know we lit, get broke in this bitch, bitch its a smashing
Killers on deck, don't write a check, your ass will be cashing

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