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TESTO - MC Hammer - Crime Story


TESTO - MC Hammer - Crime Story

Crime stories
You get, boy, no glory
Not in these crime stories
I'm tellin' you right now, no glory
Scene I

Too Big and the Hammer rollin' on a hit
Knives in our hands to the sound of the click
And now we're ready, we hit the swoove
Windows ease down we spray their crews

Eight fools dead, a baby too
You ask me how I'm livin', this hit's for you
But that's not all we got the prize
A mother in a kitchen, now yo, she's dead inside

Yeah, we took them suckers out
They know what time it is now

Scene II, me and Too Big at the club

Too Big and the Hammer kickin' it at the club
Boastin' about the way that we pulled those sucker's plugs
We weren't worried, naw, we didn't care
When you're in this war, yo, all is fair

A tap on my shoulder, I turn around
Too Big is dyin' fast, he's on the ground
I reach for my gat, it was too late
The knives went pointblank range in my face

Yo, they opened fire and took me out
Somebody tell my mother, I love her, man

Scene III, the pimpin' game

Now I'm pimpin' these berries, got to get that money
Those suckers still payin' for a little bit of honey
Nothin' in this world can stop my flow
AIDS ain't done nothin' but help my business grow

My babes are trained to make that dollar
To take you out, fool, it ain't no bother
You dropped your pants and you pay the price
Your money maybe AIDS, fool, and then your life

Yeah, that's right cause a pimp got to make it
You know what I'm sayin'

We're talkin' about crime stories
And I ain't givin' up no propers, no glory

Scene IV, the pimp got took out by Barry's brother

We got this tip on some new fresh bait
Money in their heads and they could hardly wait
My girls went to their room to make the play
Two suckers at once, yeah, would make my day

Now I'm outside some suckers walk up
Talkin' real hard about smokin' my butt
He pushed the button, the blade came out
Cut me on my throat and then a bullet in my mouth

I guess the devil got all the babes in hell
Maybe he'll let me work with him? Ssh

And I'd like to say this before we get outta here

To my brothers in the game, my brothers
Who are out there doin' what they feel they've got to do
I wanna ask you one favor, let's let the young kids 10, 11, 12 years old
Let's let them go on and do their thing at the schoolhouse

Let's give them a chance to make it
Let's give them a chance at a different life
You doin' what you feel you have to do
But they youngsters and they don't know any better

So we want to give them a chance to live
I mean life is precious, and you know that yourself
And you try to make a better life for yourself

So what I'm sayin' this from the bottom of my heart, let the kids be
Help the children lead to another way
And peace from you and I love you and I'm outta here

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