Lil Wayne

Carter II

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Carter II di Lil Wayne . “Carter II” è una canzone di Lil Wayne. Carter II Lyrics.

TESTO - Lil Wayne - Carter II

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Carter II

So you made it this far

We upstairs

I let you up here

You special

Marley, don't shoot 'em

You know what this is

It's still Tha Carter II, people

It's still Tha Carter II, people

Yeah, you're still in Tha Carter II, people

Hey! Yeah

All I have in this world

Is a pistol and a promise

A fistful of dollars

A list full of problems

I address 'em like P.O. boxes

Yeah I'm from New Orleans

The Creole cockpit

We so out of it

Zero tolerance

Gangsta gumbo, I'll serve 'em a pot of it

I'm wealthy, still fucking with that block shit

Wet your ass up, head to feet, 'til your socks drip

Don't slip, you might fall and bust your ass

No snakes at the Carter

Tell the gardener cut the grass

I hear 'em, but they talking under masks

Stop throwing pebbles at a bulletproof glass

That's Cash Money honey pie

We ain't running, we don't hide

Screaming "Fuck the other side"

Don't get caught on it

This the deadliest grinds

I put your heart on it

And walk on it

The chalk's only for the art, homie

How they trace ya

After I erase ya?

Look around

We at war

And you still in preparation

I'm riding for them reparations

No patience

Slow paper

Is better than no paper

Fast money don't last too long

You got to pace it

You got to know that paper

If you got it from a caper

Got to blow that paper

Got to know that


No Kodak moments

Feds walls with my pictures on 'em

Naw, I ain't even in the school yearbook

I don't do too much posing, got a cool killer look

Career crook

Get your career took

I'm back, like a brassiere hook

Bitch, cheer

Camouflage gear

The hunter's here

Better play it by ear

You ain't nothing but a deer

Around here

And this here is Tha Carter

Serve it while it's hot

Out the pot to your mama

And Slim tell me ain't nobody hotter

But get your boy some dipping sauce

I want the whole enchilada

I got 'em by the collar

Watch me drop 'em

On the head, at the bottom

And you ain't got to shoot 'em

'Cause I already shot 'em

And I ain't got to get 'em

'Cause I already got 'em

Get 'em

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