Gucci Mane

Candy Lady Remix

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TESTO - Gucci Mane - Candy Lady Remix

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TESTO - Gucci Mane - Candy Lady Remix

Wassup Flocka
Wassup Juice
Man we got so much money we don't know what to do with man
Wipe my ass with a hundred, boogars on my money, blow my nose with the money
It's Gucci, it's the burr, burr, Burrprint 3
Getting kinda cold in here, iced out, drinking a cold soda
Chilling in the AC, hopping out the igloo, in Austria East Atlanta

Candy lady daisy, whipping up a baby
It's a street brawl and my baby brought a razor

got my truck rollerskating
Early in the morning like the

Baby girl 100 she don't do no faking
Brought my girl a bag then she brought me back a AR
Baby girl 100 she don't do no faking
Brought my girl a bag then she brought me back a AR

Now she the kinda girl that a nigga like
Always beat it up so she call me Ike
Candy lady take the niggas out the candy land
She got you spending all your money like a ceiling fan

Glock .45 fully loaded clip
Don't think that she gon' pull it if she let it rip
She say she like my chain she want the same thing
First she got the bird with the pink rings

See she the type of girl that a nigga like
And she'll jump off she'll help a nigga fight
She more than a lover she more like a sister
I buy her a bag she buy me a pistol

It's early in the morning she water whippin'
And what you call that I call it homecookin'
See that's my old lady she drive me crazy
But the homies in hood call her the candy lady

Busting up in this bitch, Flocka need a bad bitch
One night stand baby we can have a maverick
Green chain cabbage, lil' shawty not your average
Light, fake, cute, oh my god

Jump in my car I can make you a star
My swag to the roof, Waka Flame be the truth
Got goons that's gon' shoot, tag your man in body bag
All that flirting can a nigga stab that

She say she digging me, she say she feeling me
I'm so fucking hot I burned her to the 3rd degree
He so industry, I'm so fucking hood
Blowing purple tree and it taste so fucking good

Baby girl my sister, better off my best friend
Cause if I hop up on a nigga bet she jumping in
Fuck a nickel bag. kilo she shifting in
I ask her for 5 pounds but she bring me 10

That's why I follow her she don't want tilapia
Just give her a cheeseburger and promise not to lie to her

in the South before I got knocked
She'll get money from all of my side bitchs to bail a nigga out

That's why I call her my main squeeze, fittna drop with that cool breeze
When I see her I freeze I like to watch her like HD
Yeah that's my baby no Beyonce and Jay-Z
Cause she walk up on you and rock-a-bye baby

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