Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Bullet di Bon Jovi contenuta nell'album The Circle (International ABP’s). “Bullet” è una canzone di Bon Jovi. Bullet Lyrics.

TESTO - Bon Jovi - Bullet


TESTO - Bon Jovi - Bullet

Dateline early sunday morning
Shots ring out without a warning
No one seems to even blink in this town
Two dead and a baby missing
Sirens screaming in the distance
A mother pleading bring my baby home now
For the pink slip of an suv
A night cut down with tragedy
His defense another generation breakdown

Yeah, Yeah
What is the distance between a bullet and a gun
God are you listening
Or have you just given up

Corporate countries go to war
Behind the lies they're fighting for
And black gold from an old king's soul won his round
How can someone take a life
In the name of god and say it's right
How does money lead to greed
When there's still hungry mouths to feed

We need forgiveness
We all need a lot of love
We need some hope
We need it now
A little faith man help me out
I'll learn to pray
But it's too late now

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