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TESTO - Jaden - Breakfast


TESTO - Jaden - Breakfast

Alright, nigga, no more fun and games, let's go (oh, fuck)

You, you set the standard for the future generation

What, me? Do you know how much pressure that is?

No seriously... fuck, ughhh

Liar, yeah, listen

Slum Village with the feeling, get a beat

I bet you I'ma kill it (kill it)

Huh, you ain't ready for the realest high

Suck it right between the ceiling (ceiling, yeah)

Look, my flow is sick as hell (yep)

I had to bail my baby out of jail (what?)

I'm doing me and I do it well (damn)

You think I'm wack, who are you to tell?

All you hype boys silly (silly)

You a square like Piccadilly (yuh)

I do not care how you feeling (no)

I thought you knew I'm a villain (really?)

Yeah, I don't like it when these jokers

Lookin' at me sideways on a highway

Cause you know I'm bout to do it my way

Til the MSFTS blow, Pompeii

Jay driving it the wrong way

I do not see what you're seeing

Lately, I feel European (dream)

Salmon, I'm swimming upstream

Look, I don't know why you would doubt

Know I'm coming for the crown (yuh)

Drop an album, kids want to party

Get them niggas out my house (out)

This is Hidden Hills, how are you allowed?

I cut the music, it was loud (do it)

You don't deserve my respect

When I talk to Kendrick, man, I sit on the ground (yuh)

Just to get a little reference

So we have no confusion (shit)

My flow Call of Duty prestige

Seeing through your illusions (damn)

The Illuminati's real, that's the deal

Write a book so I can prove it (no)

All you rappers just a nuisance

It's always been more than the music

Now they looking at my new 'fit

Rockin' Couture on the floor of a Louis V store

And I'm sorry I'm stupid

Riding to Metro, we boomin' (yuh)

All the MSFTS come together in a Tesla

And we zooming

Annunaki going stupid

Psilocybin, feeling lucid

It's always been more than the music

Off to Saturn in a cruise ship

Now I'm snapping like a toothpick...

The older you get the worse it gets I guess

Oh my God, that shit's so annoying

Tuh! Odessa, I'm constantly on the phone with you

Literally constantly on the phone with you

Yo, can I play you something really quick?

Yo, can I play you—

You're all here and this shit possible, exactly

Look, look, exactly, so, I told her that

You're suppose to usher it in

That's what I'm 'bout to say

That's what I'm saying yo'

He's gotta you see the vision

That's what I'm saying, bro

Even when shit is...

Why am I paying this verse if they don't value it as much

Not even for those reasons that I told you earlier

You know, you know... not to play devil's advocate

But at the same time it's kinda

Difficult to get your money in cash when you're just so big

Yo, Flacko— Flacko, let me play you something

Yeah, ooh, this one's for all of my renegades

Plan B, sippin' lemonade, skrt on the beat like a centipede

(Skrt, skrt, skrt) Yeah, squad fuck with us heavily

Wack shit, I got a remedy, blow up like a couple of enemies

Sideline with a felony

On the move like a melody, I don't care what you telling me

I don't do nothing fugazi

Til I tell you we amazing, I will be their everything

They're a piece of shh, I'm a royal flush

MSFTS in the building, you should know what's up, what's up, what's up

You call me on the phone so don't you blow me up

Yeah, hah, whole squad blowin' up, yeah

Breaking news there is a band of renegades

Teenagers in north Los Angeles, Calabasas area

Throwing paint, art pieces, blasting their new albums

There has been a triple homicide by a man named Syre

So, you think you can save rap music?


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