The Game

Born And Raised In Compton (Raised As A G)

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Born And Raised In Compton (Raised As A G) di The Game . “Born And Raised In Compton (Raised As A G)” è una canzone di The Game. Born And Raised In Compton (Raised As A G) Lyrics.

TESTO - The Game - Born And Raised In Compton (Raised As A G)

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TESTO - The Game - Born And Raised In Compton (Raised As A G)


Now everybody wanna know the truth about a nigga named Game

I come from the hub and every ghetto ain't the same

A lot of people already know exactly where it's at

Cause it's the home of the jackers and the crack {*whispered* - Compton}

Yeah that's the name of my hometown

I'm goin down, in the town, where my name is all around

And niggas just be hatin and shit, that's a pity

But I ain't doin nuttin but claimin my city

See my lyrics are double or nothin provin to suckers I can throw 'em

Pass the natural 10 to 4 and six-eight before I go

Not really into freestylin, or tryin to promote violence

But they gotta know about the five-five-fo', so

And that's how I'm livin, I do as I please B

A young gangsta put in work on these Cali streets

And everybody knows that you gotta be stompin

If you're born and raised in Compton

{*quiet scratching: "Born and raised in Compton"*}

Nowww Compton is a place, where all my niggas chill dog

'til I found out, the streets get real dog

Bout a year ago, somebody musta wanted me to die

Cause they kicked in the door, and gave the young kid five

They musta thought that I was gon' play the bitch role

Cause I lived through fo' five six holes

But I ain't goin out like no faggot-ass clown

They found, they couldn't keep a gangsta nigga down

So here's the burner in your face motherfucker silly sucker

Ass clucker now you're duckin cause you can't stop a Y.G

Gangsta, cause I'm true to my game

You're lame, and thangs ain't gon' never be the same

Cause a nigga like the Game is takin over

I really don't think I should have to explain

Oh yeah I'm a dog but my name ain't Rover

And I'm the kinda nigga that's feelin no pain

Sometimes I have to wear a bulletproof vest

Because I got the C-P-T style written across my chest

A gangsta motherfucker never ceasin to impress

My name is young Game so you can fuck, the rest

I'm comin like this and I'm comin directly

Cause niggas gettin all stirred up, I'm doin damage quite effectively

Rhymin is a battlezone and niggas can't win

Cause I'm a gangsta from the C-O-M-P-T-O-N

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