Yasiin Bey

Blue Black Jack

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Blue Black Jack di Yasiin Bey contenuta nell'album The New Danger. “Blue Black Jack” è una canzone di Yasiin Bey. Blue Black Jack Lyrics.

TESTO - Yasiin Bey - Blue Black Jack


TESTO - Yasiin Bey - Blue Black Jack

Black Jack
Was a fighting man
Black Jack
Was a mighty man

You stand them up
He knock them out
Yeah Yeah
That's the real
You stand them up
He knock them down
Yeah yeah
That's the deal

Now sing them high
Up in the sky
Whoa oh woah

Break it down low
Whoa whoa
Break it off slow
Whoa whoa

Then shout it out
Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Who that boogie man
There that boogie man
Tackidy Tackidy Tap Tap Tap
Holding bread in hand
Go head work that bag
Go head work it say
Talking the talk and walking the walk
Is what daddy do they say
Wear those pretty clothes
Drive them pretty cars
You a super hero
You a super star
You a super man
Go head fly yo cape
Blowing in the wind
Let it touch the hand
Stand and fight and win
Snatch the crown again
Wit' yo mighty swing
And yo flashy smile
Let them see the light
You so black and bright
You so bright you black
Shining you crying to fight them back

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

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