Lil Yachty

Anarchy (Original Version)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Anarchy (Original Version) di Lil Yachty . “Anarchy (Original Version)” è una canzone di Lil Yachty. Anarchy (Original Version) Lyrics.

TESTO - Lil Yachty - Anarchy (Original Version)


TESTO - Lil Yachty - Anarchy (Original Version)

(Lil Boat)

Stay with the MAC like Apple

Talking that shit, have them come in your chapel

Young nigga fly, I can fly pterodactyl

Got a new bitch with a son, he a rascal

I get the bag from the city, the capital

These niggas fake and Lil Boat be the actual

Beefing online but in person you rational

I do not get it

Making this money, it's making them livid

The shit that you rap bout, you know you don't live it

I got the coupe with the top, you can lift it

I got the coupe with the engine, go drift it

Diamonds, they wet like a cup of the mystic

Living this life, so futuristic

Stay optimistic

Off the top of the dome

I'm a big boss, Al Capone

like my name was Jerome

You want the smoke, told the boy to come on

All of the gang members, what's up and I'm on

Fuck with the set, look at my phone

I do not club, that's not what I do

I stay at home and sleep in the stu'

Plotting on ways to build up revenue

Catch me outside on the old avenue

Been a star player, check the attributes

Been 'bout the guap since I had sessions too

Know they want the boy hung by a noose

Won't catch me lacking, I stay with the truth

Shoot night roofs and a light handed loops

Shoot, shoot, shoot


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