Tech N9ne

American Horror Story

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TESTO - Tech N9ne - American Horror Story


TESTO - Tech N9ne - American Horror Story

I want skin for my bed, spread

I swear the sky just bled, red

I buy, twitch my neck, bread

I'll take them to my bed, dead

I might've lost my mind, how did I get this far

I thought about how I, kill you for laughin' at my business card

Feels like I been discarded, And I don't really get this part

Everyone is high and mighty, until they get disarmed

I'm livin' in this darkness, I got a twisted heart

I got a lethal mind state, you got a vicious bark

And there is no catharsis, no remedy to cure my ill

I know my soul is tarnished, they'll never know how to serve that feel

Black blood on the white walls, do a design in the droplets

Psycho what you might call, but my mind is spotless

Do you like Phil Collins, have you ever heard this album

Even if you know how the song ends, you will never know that I'm out of

My mind I'm above the law and I caused it all this mayhem

Whatever you say when you speak is, childish crawl in the playpen

Everything falls into place and, black gloves and a tight grip

Sittin' on a chest of my victim, if you breathe I'ma squeeze 'til ya lifeless

I want skin for my bed, spread

I swear the sky just bled, red

I buy, twitch my neck, bread

I'll take them to my bed, dead

I might've gone AWOL, maybe I blurred the line

Clock radio alarm set, I know it's murder time

I gotta find my mind, even if only a piece

I'm better off behind, down here where we know no peace

And the clouds don't move when the wind blow, put a seed in the soil but it didn't grow

They say I gotta odd sense of humor, killer clown sittin' still by the window

Cuff links in a crimson cape, scepter with my lipstick smudged

I got a glitch on my headpiece, somebody come and fix this bug

Gotta protect the king, follow a black shogun

Cover the neck in bling, swallow a black hole sun

Lookin' down at my shitlist, wonderin' how did it get so long

I'd rather be the one pissed off, than to ever be the one pissed on

Amen, I'm an animal inside, feedin' on everything in the open

I've been caught with a loaded weapon, red-handed the barrel still smokin'

And I'm hopin', that they waitin' for me to break a leg, I'll be takin' the cast off

Tryin' to wash away all my sins, in the shower with a handful of bath salts

I want skin for my bed, spread

I swear the sky just bled, red

I buy, twitch my neck, bread

I'll take them to my bed, dead

Smellin' like Hugh Parsons, to get a victim when it darkens

Then I'm hit them with a jargon, fuck her with no rubber

Then burn a bitch, I'm an arson(ist)

Then have a lot of drinks 'til I'm barfin'

When I went to do the verse for the martian

He told me to put the people up on the milk carton

Keep a knife sharpened then he laughed like Cartman

I got stigmata markings, pardon when the beast get the bar end

I put the, I put the evil in my art when the angel let go of me

And took what the demon bargained

I'm gonna make a change but I'm Harkin

If you cannot tell me when the sex startin'

I got the kind of heart in spartan and I'm enemy scarfin' then I watch Johnny Carson

If you think I'm harsh then, Strangeland not the place to be parkin'

I guess this is the part when, I tell them all that I'm part hen and part sin

Winning about Noah's ark getting carp and the book is so colorful gotta listen to Darwin

Because you like a perfect margin, and that makes my dick harden

So I'm comin' over with the sparklin' (wine), get to itchin' when it's carvin' (time)

Ain't no matter what the guards in (line), ain't nobody's 'bout to stoppin' (N9ne)

I'm so twisted, I think I created the water, our women and our men

Thinkin' they're gonna take it for a swim, so now I got to throw the sharks in


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