Lil Wayne

42 Bars

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - 42 Bars


TESTO - Lil Wayne - 42 Bars

Hey! Look up baby, they write my name in the sky bitch

Don't forget the baby is what I tell the pilot

Don't forget the liquor store is what I tell the driver

Twenty dutchmasters and straight level vodka

I can pedal backwards and still move forward

Look under the mattress, you might find four of 'em

I can go though the atlas without touring

I can fuck an actress and never been in movies

Chea. I'm a cutie, An offspring of mamas beauty

I did overtime, I took papas duty

I'm a man in every sense, I got cents

Since I got rich I got tints on every Bent'

Since I know tension come out them like vents

I vent, and show no relent, money well spent

I'm a hell raiser, blaze a L right in

Front of the laws, I'm tougher than yall

Never really had a pop, so I never had to check in

But I get enough checks, I fuck around and check him

Look, check him out, these is Evisus

America ain't even let them out (ha ha)

I'm feeling great, I'm stepping out

Take ten out, brrraatt, chest is out

And I don't leave paraplegics, I squeeze it

Until I see ya spirit rise with my own eyes nigga

I'm on mine nigga ,I got this like a bitch got time nigga

And I'm the dime type

And I'm walking in the lime light, still like lime

They talking in hindsight, I'm right now

I pull up on ya shawty like SKKRRR

Tryna hop up in this Maybach, I walk way back girl

Come up out that gear asap girl

Whisper in ya ear this Wayne pussy, say it back girl

Now she in the whip with homes

He listening to the same songs I fucked her on

Yeah. I lay back, I'm comfortable

Yeah. Weezy baby boy, lazy boy

Yeah. I did my service in the Navy

Now I'm just a veteran, they forever pay me

Dig me like a shovel, Mama I'm a rebel

I come from under that rock and turned into a pebble

Baby I'm trouble, so turn up the treble

You say it's clever, I call it whatever

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