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TESTO - Bazanji - 2023

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TESTO - Bazanji - 2023

Yeah, yeah
It's a new year
You know we got to come with one of these

Back in the game and I'm back to the grind
It's a whole new year
I'm 'bout to reach those heights and get to the point
That any other man would fear
I'm not scared of nothing
I'm prepared to run it
They getting ready ‘cause they know I'm coming (Hah)
I see the look on all their faces now
They acting like they seen a ghost or something (What?)
I know that I got it I'm limitless
Step in my shoes but I know won't they fit in (Nah)
Put on a beat and you know that I'm killing it
Ain't got no seats at my table but want to sit at it, nah
Started with nothing and I made it everything (Everything, yeah)
They want percentages, won't give 'em anything
I'm motivating my people to better things
Step in the booth and I'm bringing the (What?) energy
They need a medic I'm bringing the remedy (Yeah)
I'm only looking at those who ahead of me
Counting their days 'cause they gon' be dead to me
I'm 'bout to get it (Woah)
They hit my phone but I never read it (Nah)
I'm in the zone don't send me a message (No)
Lot going on, I need me a beverage
Got a good spirit but I fly American (Hah)
Travel the world, I study my heritage
They see me out in Dubai like there he is (Yeah)
They dropped the ball but I'm 'bout to carry it
Call me Ezekiel Elliot, woah (Woah)
I switch the flow like I'm a magician (Hah)
I get the gold like I'm an Olympian (Right)
Sold out shows, that's what I envision
When I hit the road, my pockets be (What?) filling
I don't need a bed 'cause I don't be sleeping
I'm in studio until the weekend
I'm feeling heartless like I'm the Weeknd, yeah, yeah
Out in deep end (Woah)
I'm swimming with sharks
I'm battling demons (That's right)
I feel like a rookie but play like a vet
It feels like a dominant season (Yeah)
I'm on the court while they in the bleachers
I need a palace I might call it "Caesar's" (Woah)
I'm 'bout to take a trip out to Ibiza
And I been getting this bread like it's pita (Hah)
I'm not number two but I feel like the captain
Like I'm Derek Jeter (Yeah)
They say that they traveled the world
But we just went out to Amalfi and we didn't see you (Nah)
Ain't no man I fear (No way)
I'm ‘bout to run this shit all year (Okay)
Ain't no man I fear
I'm ‘bout to run this shit all (What?) year
Ain't no man I fear (Nah)
I'm ‘bout to run this shit all year (Okay)
Ain't no man I fear
I'm ‘bout to run this shit all year

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